Project diversity has been one of the mainstays of our business at Flare Construction. That’s why we’re especially proud to have completed a wide variety of road, highway, utility, bridge, wetland, and airport projects for many cities and counties, as well as the Federal Government and Department of Transportation. Our success is possible only because of our capable and experienced workforce, the effective working relationships we build with owners and agencies, our strong commitment to the environment, and our ability to consistently complete projects safely, on-time, and within budget.

East Canyon State Park Camp Grounds - DFCM Utah

This project consisted of reconstructing two separate campgrounds at East Canyon State Park in Utah — The Big Rock Camp Ground and River’s Edge Camp Ground. The work involved site clearing, demolition of existing structures, site grading, and installation of concrete campground improvements such as walks, picnic areas, fire rings, and shelter pads. Asphalt paving was subcontracted by Flare for tie-in points to East Canyon Road. We enjoyed a rewarding relationship with DFCM, State Parks, and The Bureau of Reclamation, and the project was completed on time and within the original budget.


Fort Bridger Airport - Uinta County, WY

This project included reconstruction of 6,400 lineal feet of a 75-foot-wide runway at Fort Bridger Airport. Under the jurisdiction of the FAA, the project management staff worked onsite with the project engineer, county officials, and the FAA inspector to complete the project on time and within budget.

Major reconstruction details included:

  • Mass excavation

  • Installation of 13,000 lineal feet of under-drain piping

  • Application of crushed base to airport tolerance

  • Asphalt runway paving

  • Airport lighting and line striping

  • Reconstruction of 1,000 lineal feet of entrance roadway to the airport terminal

  • Compliance with FAA specifications for aggregate crushing

  • On-site pit developed for aggregates and asphalt production


Three Bridges in Sevier County, Utah - Utah DOT

This project included removal of three bridges over the Sevier River throughout Sevier County, Utah, and replacing them with new concrete-bridge structures. The project required diversion of the Sevier River (approx. 100 cubic feet per second) in three separate locations, by building cofferdams to create dry areas needed to construct the abutments. The Sevier River was also diverted to allow placement of the riprap at the abutments. The project included placement of 1,150 cubic yards of rip rap; 665 cubic yards of structural concrete; 104,890 pounds of reinforcing steel; 19 pre-stressed concrete beams and over 5,000 tons of imported aggregates. Of the 665 cubic yards of structural concrete, 200 cubic yards were placed in cold-weather conditions. Cold-weather protection was accomplished by tenting the abutments and heating the inside to maintain required temperatures.


Wildcat Compressor Station - Ruby Pipeline, LLC.

Bodell Construction awarded the earthwork package for the LEED Certified Gold–Wildcat Compressor Station in northern Utah to Flare. The Ruby Pipeline consists of approximately 675 miles of 42-inch natural gas transmission pipeline that begins at the Opal Hub in Wyoming and terminates at a Malin, Oregon, interconnect near California’s northern border. The pipeline has a capacity of up to 1.5 billion cubic feet per day.

Our work consisted of clearing and grubbing approximately 20 acres of land quickly and efficiently and hauling off the grubbings to LEED approved disposal sites to allow Bodell to begin pipeline construction. Compressor stations are vital to the startup and operation of a pipeline, so building them in a safe, timely manner is critical. We worked with Bodell to: excavate and backfill all structural foundations; complete final grading of roads and open areas; place chat rock; and pave access roads.


PCC Diversion Improvements - Southwest Wyoming, near Manila, Utah

Flare Construction was contracted by Trout Unlimited to construct a new concrete fish barrier diversion dam and trash rack modification. Demolition of a portion of the existing diversion dam structure was completed before improvements began.

Major project elements included:

  • Construction of a cast-in-place concrete diversion dam and fish barrier

  • Materials included earth berm, rip rap, radial gates and grating

  • Earthwork and excavation

  • 120’ Long x 27’ wide x 9’ tall concrete structure with walls

  • 66” x 144” Radial Gate


Box Car Bridge Replacement - Uintah County

Flare was awarded the project to replace an aging bridge in Uintah County, adhering to the 2012 State of Utah specifications for bridge construction.

Major project elements included:

  • 11,800 yds. of road rock excavation

  • 2,800 yds. of Rip Rap

  • 3,000 yds. of base material

  • Installation of  70’ X 32’ prefabricated steel bridge

  • Grading and drainage

  • Roadway reconstruction