Flare is an experienced and effective environmental remediation contractor known for its unrivaled commitment to safety. We perform remedial work in a variety of environments, including residential, mining, oil & gas, and regulated wetland sites. We also have a reputation for building strong and effective relationships with owners and regulatory agencies. Our crews and staff understand our client’s need to perform the work safely and the importance of working well with landowners, inspectors, and public officials. Our management staff; trained and knowledgeable crews; commitment to safety; and extensive equipment fleet all work together to deliver the highest quality remediation.


  • Steep slope restoration

  • Heavy-metal soil remediation

  • Water and wetland restoration

  • Dredging

  • Mine reclamation

  • Decommissioning and demolition

  • Remediation of acid impacted soil

  • Restoration of project sites, right-of-ways, and drainage

  • Seeding, mulching, amendments, and fertilizing

  • Reserve pit solidification

  • Repository construction and capping

  • Mine waste capping

Ditch Remediation

Flare performed the remediation on a ditch in the Salt Lake Valley. This historic ditch is approximately 17-miles long. Remediation was mainly in open areas, but several residential yards and industrial properties were completed with full restoration. Over 100,000 cubic yards of contaminated soils were hauled to a repository and clean fill imported to restore the site(s). Cooperation with local cities, schools and agencies were crucial to the project’s success.

Unique aspects of this project included:

  • Working with and transporting hazardous materials to the repository

  • Working in a wide variety of location types—from open fields, to school yards, to residential properties

  • Implementing a health and safety plan to ensure public and employee safety

  • Performing air monitoring for project areas and employees

  • Conducting frequent safety meetings and job-safety analyses to identify possible hazards

Because it was virtually impossible to quantify the extent of the necessary remediation, this project was contracted and completed on a “time and materials” basis.


Restoration and Slope Protection, Ogden

Flare Construction was contracted to restore the pipeline right of way on its new 16-inch pipeline through Weber Canyon. All restoration occurred on United States Forest Service (USFS) land in compliance with its requirements. The project required steep-slope construction techniques that involved retaining walls, small-track mounted equipment, and sequencing of work.


Mine Reclamation Project - Rico, Colorado

Flare Construction was hired to provide a full range of remediation construction services for a mine reclamation — a once booming silver, lead, and zinc mine. To date, we have completed the building of large drying cells for the removed solids; created a pilot test wetland to determine the feasibility of a larger scale passive water treatment system for the area; installed new dikes; improved existing dikes; installed riprap; and improved spillways for this ongoing project.

  • Riprap rock placement along the Dolores River

  • Site earth work

  • Riprap-lined erosion channel construction

  • Settling ponds dredging

  • Mechanical removal and trucking of solids from settling ponds

  • Road building and pioneering

  • Materials importing

  • Pond dike installation and reconstruction

  • Spillway installation and reconstruction

  • Drainage pipe systems construction


Eureka Mills Superfund Site & Slope Repairs

Flare Construction was selected to provide restoration and cleanup services for the Eureka Mills Superfund Site in Eureka, Utah. The project consisted of the removal of heavy-metal impacted soils; capping; and restoration of existing mine dumps located on steep slopes in a historic mining area. Because of these factors, careful planning was needed to locate and protect historic features and to ensure the safety of crews and equipment. A rock quarry was developed east of Eureka at Lime Peak to crush the large volumes of aggregates and riprap materials needed for the project. To accommodate the dust control and water for construction, Flare constructed a 1 million gallon HDPE lined pond and installed a five-mile, eight-inch HDPE fused water supply line. Other features of the project included drainage ditches, riprap-lined channels, and storm-water and settling ponds.


Right of Way Erosion Repair, near Las Vegas, NV

Multiple locations along  the pipeline right of way from St. George, UT to Las Vegas, NV showed signs of erosion, potentially exposing high pressure  gas pipeline. Flare installed erosion mats and other preventive measures to control erosion.

Major project elements included:

  • Site preparation

  • Installation of fabric

  • Installation of ACB Mats (articulating concrete block system)

  • Installation of Rip Rap

  • Pour Concrete Caps


Abutment Seepage Repairs

Flare Construction performed abutment seepage repairs to the Browne Dam near Flaming Gorge, UT.

Major project elements included:

  • Quality Control

  • Clearing, grubbing and stripping

  • Temporary environmental controls

  • Excavation, native earth fill, Filter material, drain material

  • 6-inch HDPE Dual Wall Pipe – slotted

  • 6-Inch HDPE dual wall pipe – solid

  • Camera inspection – drainpipes and outlet

  • Installation of reinforced concrete discharge structures

  • Building of Log Fence , Restoration, and Reseeding


Stream Bank Protection and Fish Habitat

Flare Construction has completed several projects involving the stabilization of river and stream banks for private citizens, federal, state and local agencies.  Many of these projects also include the improvement of fish habitat and protection of fish resources.  These projects typically consist of a cast-in-place concrete, construction of diversion dams and fish barriers, earth berms, rip rap, trash racks, grating, earthwork and excavation. Riprap is placed along the stream bank to stabilize it for future high flows and to protect the banks from erosion. 

  • Riprap-lined river bank stabilization

  • Cast in place diversion structures

  • Installing of diversion piping

  • Earthen berms and diversions

  • Installation of radial tainter gates

  • Fish ladders and screens

  • Riprap barbs and J-hooks


Gas Plant Remediation

This project consisted of the remediation of a natural gas processing facility near Evanston, Wyoming. This work involved a 100-acre parcel of land that had numerous amounts of process piping that needed to be cleaned and removed. In addition, many concrete foundations, roadways and culverts were removed. Flare Construction broke, loaded and hauled off 42,000 Tons of reinforced concrete. Flare also removed, cleaned and disposed of 50,000 LF of process piping ranging from 2” to 26” in diameter. Once these items were removed the natural landscape needed to be contoured and shaped back to original grades and then reseeded. The regrading of this site involved moving over 100,000 CY of materials and replacing them to proper grade and slope. Many new waterways were constructed with large ponds in order capture the storm water associated with the site. All of the waterways required riprap placement.