From the beginning, our work in the Industrial/Energy sectors has been critical to the growth of our entire business. We have been instrumental in building and maintaining many successful oilfield, pipeline, and industrial facilities.  And with our ongoing commitment to safety, quality, and the environment, we have expanded our work in industrial/energy throughout the greater Rocky Mountain Region.


  • Lateral and flow-line placement

  • Meter station installation

  • Meter building and foundation construction

  • Launcher and receiver barrel installation and testing

  • Boring

  • Hydrostatic testing

  • Painting and coating

  • Anomaly repair

  • Hydro excavation

  • Regulator station construction

  • Pipeline installation

  • Pump and compressor installation

  • ROW remediation and erosion control

  • Electrical and instrumentation services

  • Cathodic protection

  • Row Tree Clearing

  • HDD Bore Installation


  • Oil and Gas

  • Power Generation

  • Power Distribution

  • Mining

  • Clean Energy

HP Tap and Regulator Station

Flare completely remodeled an existing tap station in Utah. The new station was expanded to include new control, heater, meter, control valve, odorant and regulator buildings as well as new piping and pipeline tie-ins. The project had aggressive completion date and at times, crews were working 7 days a week. The most challenging part of the project was completing the tie-ins to the main line located under UDOT’s busy road. The project was completed on-time and within budget.

Major project elements included:

  • Demolition of an existing house and three other buildings

  • Removal of a large number of mature trees

  • Construction of six new buildings (approx. 11,500 square feet in total):

    • Control Valve Building (62’ x 42’ x 26’)

    • Meter Building (92’ x 65’ x 26’)

    • Odorant Building (32’ x 32’ x 10’)

    • Regulator Building (12’ x 16’ x 9’)

    • Heater Building (50’ x 28’ x10’)

    • Pre-fab concrete control Building (28’ x 11’ x 9’)

  • Pipe fabrication ranging from 2 to 36 inches in diameter

  • Completion of approximately 26,000 weld inches during piping fabrication

  • Coordination with UDOT to complete tie-in work in center of road

Coordination with landowners, residents, city, county and UDOT personnel was critical to the success of this project.


Regulator Station and Pigging Facility

Flare constructed a new regulator station that included new piping and buildings at a very visible and busy intersection in southern Utah. The project was located on a steep, rocky hillside that had to be excavated, filled, and leveled to create a pad for the buildings and piping. The project had a very aggressive schedule which required the work to be started immediately. Within three days of contract award, building permits were obtained, equipment mobilized and we began working on site.

Key elements of this project included:

  • Rock excavation

  • 30,000 CY of site earth work

  • Riprap-lined erosion channel

  • Concrete footings, foundations, and slabs

  • 26-foot x 35-foot steel frame building with sound dampening walls

  • Electrical control and communication tower

  • Transportation, fabrication, and installation of 12-inch and 8-inch above- and below-ground piping and valves

  • Launcher and receiver barrel installation and testing

  • Live gas tie-ins to existing high pressure gas feeder line located under city streets

  • Asphalt and concrete surface improvements

  • 135 feet of 8-foot-high pre-cast decorative fencing

  • Landscaping


Main Line Hydrostatic Test Project, UT/NV

Flare  was contracted to hydro-test three separate segments of 36-inch natural gas pipeline in Utah and Nevada. The work consisted of test-head fabrication, natural gas re-compression, mainline section removal to install test heads, line cleaning to meet water discharge requirements, hydro- testing, tie-ins and restoration. Nine miles of pipeline were tested, and the project was completed in just four weeks.


Pump Stations, Granger, WY

Flare was contracted to construct two new grass-roots pump stations in Granger, and Wahsatch, Wyoming. We also re-built two stations near Evanston. The work consisted of site grading, exposing existing lines, and installing structural concrete for pipe supports and MCC buildings. We were also responsible for fabricated piping, pump installation, and electrical and instrumentation.

Key project elements included:

  • Four separate pump stations on new 16-inch pipeline

  • Two grass-roots stations

  • Two rebuild stations

  • All new MCC, electrical, instrumentation and telemetry

  • Welding sizes that range from 2 to 30 inches


UT Feeder Line Replacement & Regulator Station Replacement

Flare Construction installed four miles of new piping and replaced the old regulator station. The project was completed on time and without incident amidst multiple water crossings and rough terrain.

Major project elements included:

  • Clear, grub and grade pipeline right of way and reclaim right of way for over 20,000 LF pipeline

  • Install over 20,000 LF of 8” high pressure pipe

  • Seed 34 acres

  • Navigate rough terrain and seven water crossings

  • Coordination with BLM and private land owners


UT Feeder Line Relocation

Flare Construction was contracted to relocate Feeder Line with 1.5 miles of new piping installed in a busy inter city street. Due to high traffic flow and severe winter conditions, coordination meetings were conducted multiple times per day with local DOT engineers, city representatives and gas company.

Flare completed the project successfully and safely within 2 months.

  • Major project elements included:

  • Installation of 5,900 LF of 12” high-pressure pipe

  • Pipeline Installation inside busy street with extensive shoring and road plating

  • Comprehensive traffic control management

  • Complicated pipe bends to accommodate existing underground utilities

  • River Bore (trenchless Install)

  • Replacement of 25,000 SF of Asphalt